my name is varin, i'm 16 years old and i'm from california.
i'm a musician, writer, artist and youtuber obsessed with music of all kinds, primarily nu-metal, death metal, industrial, post-punk, shoegaze, and synthpop
and i'm usually pretty tolerable of most, except country and pop-punk. FUCK THAT!!!!!!!!
if you want, you can always send me recommendations thru email (down a bit) and i will try to listen to them!


gaming music

my musical endeavors

vdm dj brainfunk the singer without a voice washing machine racers (with arctic summers)

click the buttons to go to my various other homes on the internet...
(some are just for fun)

many thanx/guten tag/my appreciation/spasibo/gracias/fucken aye rights baby man to all:

family members, extended family members, friends of any familiarity, all of my fans, all of my collaborators, anyone who's given me advice, anyone who's listened/watched/read/viewed my creations,
all who share my creations in any capacity, all who aim to spread positivity, anyone who's viewed my website at all, neocities for providing a sick way to host html sites and keeping the '90s dream alive,
robert stillman for that sick ass experimental music and the short chat we had, the classic doom community for kitchen ace, the metal community for fighting fire with fire, the post-punk community for their faith,
the nine inch nails discord server for being with us all together, the buckethead community for making me feel less like a lone sal bug, the death community for letting me display my voice of the soul,
and anyone else i may be missing who's welcomed me into their communities with open arms. it's sick to be a part of something big with a shared passion and you guys always make it fun!

extra special thanks to:

my group chat members. (funny GC 4 life mothafucka!) you guys are strong as hell, anything you're going through is gonna pass with time as long as you put in the effort and keep pushing through.
it's not easy but i've seen you overcome great obstacles and you'll do it more and more as time passes! any progress is progress and y'all all deserve the best.

my other group chat of relatives (i need some doggone help!) for bringing a special kind of fun to the online realm.
you guys don't have depression so i can't say as much, but i will say that playing engineer and losing a level 3 sentry in 5 seconds on pl_upward on team fortress 2 has never been more fun,
and it's impressive how loud can almost always equal funny when we're all together.
y'all are sick as fuck!!!

also want to thank my IRLs... absolutely love hanging out with you guys, you're super fun and even though it's hot as hell all the time (FUCK CALI!!!) i always love going out with you guys, somehow the heat's bearable when you keep getting asked "what's new babygirl?"

and last but absoslutely not least, extra extra special thanks to my lovely girlfriend. you're my whole world and i love you forever. xoxo <3

if i missed you i'm sorry but know that i care about you just as much. you're one badass motherfucker no matter what and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! soldier on and have some fuckin fun!


note: if you are anti-lgbtq, pro-life, anti-women's rights, a racist, rapist, pedophile/map, nazi,
white supremacist, maga supporter, cop supporter, pedophile sympathizer or a rapist sympathizer,