welcome to my site journal!

here you will find semi-frequent updates on what i'm doing if i'm not updating the site. think of it as a news corner!

sep 6, 2023

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY 2DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry for not adding much to the site, been busy with a lot of stuff lately (as per usual)
i also don't have many more ideas as to what to add... it's pretty quintessential at this point
and it's got basically everything you'll ever need to know about me on here.
i may or may not be working on a new site which hopefully i can update more, but also i'm not sure.
i've been trying to work on it and just haven't but i'll try and fix it up a bit better soon !!
take care everybody, and thanks for 10k views, whenever that happened? unbelievable. love y'all

mar 10, 2023

hey y'all, i haven't been on here in a while. sorry for the lack of updates, i've been busy!
currently working on 3 albums at once, a side project with my friend, youtube videos,
dealing with drama with my friends, family, and trying to find time to learn guitar...
yeah... it's hard to maintain this site with all that too. i'll try and get on it, though!
at this point i'm not even sure if the slipknot/nin pages will ever be finished, but we can hope.
again, sorry for the radio silence for months on end, i'm just really busy with life and other projects.
anyway, take care everybody! have a nice day and there's always more sites to browse if you need to scratch that itch.

jan 1, 2023

happy new year, everybody! i hope you've had a wonderful 2022 and will have an even better 2023.
hoping the site will be much better by the end of the year, full of little paths and such.
i'm going to save the site to my computer and i'll look back next year at what it was like now.
this year hopefully i'll finish the retro shooters, death, nin discography and slipknot page.
i might also make a page for my youtube videos, but i don't know if i'll have time for that.
we'll see though! there's a lot of things that can happen in a year so i'll just have to wait. only time will tell.

dec 8, 2022

currently working on a page for nu-metal just for funsies. made a bunch of buttons and everything!
gonna try and have it out soon-ish? i don't know, it feels unfinished but i also don't know what to add.
really like having the new link colors, though, it's super cool. i accidentally changed the font, too, but i fixed it so we're all good.
should probably start work on the death page and updating the nin discography ranking. and then starting the slipknot ranking.
it's that or i play tf2 and doom instead of being productive. how enticing...

nov 25, 2022

my album is out now and i have added the summary page! now for the retro shooters page, the death page...
...and the slipknot page... and the nin discography update... and finishing my doom wad... god, i have a lot to do.
well, whatever. i've got plenty of time. until then it's just gonna be jamming out to some slayer and finishing doom 64. (great game, by the way!)
stuff is weird right now. but i've got some good ideas for what i wanna do next year. hopefully i can accomplish it all.

nov 19, 2022

i have an update planned! on the 25th i think i'll add a page with a summary of each of my albums.
i'm also thinking of adding a page for my favorite retro shooters, such as quake, doom, and dusk.
also thinking of updating the nin discography page to add justification for my rankings.
maybe adding a death page, too. all i know is by the end of the year i want this site to feel super dense.
but hey, i've still got a month. we'll see what i can do in that time!