welcome to the vdm discography page!

there's a short description of each album with the link to everything on bandcamp so you can support me directly. everything is also on streaming unless specified.


a collection of random events (march 2021)

my first ep under the vdm name and the beginning of the stylistic change from trap to a more electronic, industrial influenced sound akin moreso to that of nine inch nails. personally, this is one of my least favorites, but it is incredibly important in the discography just for being the first. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 13:57

with remixes: 20:00

fav track: stay here


leftover (april 2021)

the first full album. it's not very well fleshed out, but it's got ideas that would later become mainstays in the way i write music. also the first to include extra songs with a deluxe version instead of just remixes.

bandcamp link

deluxe link

album length: 25:17

deluxe length: 38:43

fav track: until the end


pentagram (may 2021)

an album inspired by the midi soundtrack of the first 2 DooM games made in 2-3 days when i had no internet. due to that, it's really poorly mixed and all of the songs are a minute or less. i've been trying to make a sequel, though, so hopefully that'll be better if i can ever get around to it since i actually know how to make metal now. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 14:08

fav track: six hundred dead fools



alone (but they're all around me) (may 2021)

a collection of 3 EPs exclusive to streaming, including "a collection of random events," "none of this has to make sense," and "IDTSIGCB." none of this has to make sense was deleted so this is the only way to find it, but IDTSIGCB can still be found on soundcloud.

spotify link

ACoRE: 13:57

NoTHtMS: 13:17


fav track: N/A


WCAYS (may 2021)

another pretty short EP, but this time with a bit more structure to the ideas, feeling more like an actual release with more thought put into it. still experimenting and trying to find a sound, so it may sound inconsistent at times, but it still has some interesting parts here and there. also the first release exclusive to bandcamp. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 14:09

fav track: mindfuck (intro)



burning (as it fades) (june 2021)

the first double album i ever did, a lot of messy ideas from all the previous projects that don't really flow as well as anything on those projects. trying to be experimental without any reason for it, essentially. also has a companion outtakes/remixes EP, which is found in the deluxe version on streaming or the separate release on bandcamp.

bandcamp link

deluxe link

album length: 52:12

deluxe length: 67:42

fav track: t'embrasse encore


cut in half (june 2021)

calmer EP (besides track 1 and 4) with a bit more footing. also one of the last projects where i was truly happy, which contributed a lot to the atmosphere of later projects. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 19:50

fav track: art of destruction



days have passed (june 2021)

the last EP for a while, this is when i started to focus on longer song lengths, and in general fleshing things out, which lead to more albums. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 19:08

fav track: can you hear me? (reprise)



grim reality (july 2021)

a very short album, enough that i'm tempted to call it an EP. however this was made with it being an album in mind so i think it counts. this was a more metal influenced album, whereas the last few had been more electronically driven. features electric guitar on every track, which was a first at this point in time.

bandcamp link

album length: 14:25

fav track: music for the damned



it's the end (august 2021)

the first album on this list that i'm actually somewhat proud of. this was a big release for me; first scheduled one, first to include bonus content in the bandcamp download, first with a (somewhat) consistent theme to it, first with a sample, and first with an actual single before release. it doesn't sound like much, but it's all stuff that's crucial to releases now.

bandcamp link

deluxe link

album length: 68:24

deluxe length: 81:23

fav track: on my way (it's the end)


and it all came crashing down (august 2021)

another attempt at industrial metal, this time more successful, but not the best still. more akin to burning (as it fades) than it's the end, but it draws from both a lot and still fits well in its place in the discography. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 21:48

fav track: tear you up



music for no one, vol. 1 (august 2021)

after i started to find my footing with the last album i started experimenting a bit more with what influences i can fuse together to make something unique. this album is mostly influenced by aphex twin and death grips, with touches of nine inch nails occasionally. this was also a lot sadder than the last ones, the last three tracks especially. a lot more started to flow out here artistically.

bandcamp link

album length: 28:04

fav track: after fx



music for no one, vol. 2 (august 2021)

the sequel to the last album, featuring more ambient soundscapes and extending the lengths of songs more to give more breathing room for new ideas. this influenced the next one a lot since it was a fully ambient album.

bandcamp link

album length: 31:35

fav track: the life you didn't lead



i won't let you fall apart (september 2021)

ambient album, very heavily inspired by aphex twin. first album i made directly inspired by one person, of many to come. drifting away was also the first song i did all sound design on by myself. it's got some good chill tracks, but it's still not one of my favorites.

bandcamp link

album length: 41:38

fav track: drifting away



opioid (september 2021)

house album i made that was influenced by daft punk's discography a lot when i first got into them. not the greatest, many tracks are too short to be viable for a club. the alternate covers are pretty cool, one of them was used on the single "freedom of '97" later on. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 26:48

fav track: rock it



vanna (october 2021)

a mixture of influences, primarily massive attack and bjork (especially homogenic,) with dashes of aphex twin again. another ambient-esque album, but this time it has a lot of trip hop as well. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 42:12

fav track: elosa



salem (october 2021)

industrial metal album, more influenced by skinny puppy and ministry's early work this time. first one to sample dialogue rather than just a song and first one with hidden tracks as well. this one shows a lot of growth in my ability to make harsher music rather than just the ambient stuff. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 36:23

fav track: chained to the wall



devil's heartbeat (october 2021)

overly long noise album. noise for noise's sake, not very interesting even if you like noise music. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 137:43

fav track: N/A




lya (november 2021)

first EP in a long long time, this time inspired by lo-fi hip hop and trip hop. one of the best chill releases i believe i have made, it's short but sweet, made with a lot of good memories in my mind. very reminiscent of the best times of my life.

bandcamp link

album length: 15:38

fav track: take me home



twoicide (december 2021)

this is, in my opinion, the turning point for my discography. huge stylistic change and most every album past this point i am very proud of, this is one of my best releases. everything that salem should have been, everything that and it all came crashing down should have been, and more. very industrial, very hard hitting and very atmospheric. sounds like a horror game.

bandcamp link

deluxe link

album length: 51:57

deluxe length: 76:25

fav track: the lonely man takes one final leap out the window


put on display (january 2022)

first release of 2022. yet another release influenced by aphex twin - except, this time, it's actually pulled off well. incredibly influenced by selected ambient works 85-92 and syro. first album to have a cover on it.

bandcamp link

album length: 42:26

fav track: waters



freedom of 97 (january 2022)

first song that's just a single. tribute to daft punk released on the 25th anniversary of their debut album homework. uses one of the covers featured in the opioid download.

bandcamp link

track length: 3:33




hope 56 (january 2022)

first compilation album. a bunch of random tracks i made for albums that got scrapped or didn't fit with the rest of the tracks. really fucking long - probably too many tracks as well. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 128:20

fav track: hope 20



devil's experiment (february 2022)

another double album, industrial metal/harsh noise focused, this time. very inspired by tetsuo: the iron man and the guinea pig movies, and the haunting atmosphere of body horror and gore movies in general. remixes done by friends.

bandcamp link

remixed link

album length: 111:58

with remixes: 129:10

fav track: barcodes


a short trip down to the graveyard (february 2022)

experimenting with drone music. a precursor to my project "the singer without a voice." (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

track length: 57:17




taint of death (february 2022)

EP of tracks that didn't make it onto devil's experiment. contains a remix of "covered in your blood" from twoicide.

bandcamp link

album length: 24:48

fav track: taint of death




moonscape (february 2022)

a lo-fi hip hop/trip hop inspired album, essentially a longer version of lya. very inspired by buckethead's albums colma, electric tears and electric sea. generally positive with some really sad tracks in the last half. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 38:33

fav track: spell of the unwoken



flirting with death (march 2022)

the beginning of my streak of really dark and depressing atmospheres in all of my music which has been going ever since this release. oppressive, experimental industrial metal/electronica that wants you to kill yourself.

bandcamp link

album length: 35:03

fav track: zero calorie cocaine



fade and forget (march 2022)

vaporwave inspired heavily by death's dynamic shroud and my friend elekroma's music, a lot of slowed down samples with a generally gloomy atmosphere, though sometimes it can be happy. first album with someone doing featured vocals on a song. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

album length: 38:29

fav track: lost in paradise



infohazard (april 2022)

the first album with my own vocals on it. dense, atmospheric EBM/industrial metal influenced by maenad veyl, nine inch nails, skinny puppy and more. cold, abandoned, and oppressive music with a lot of suicidal urges. first album with a remix i did under my other project DJ Brainfunk.

bandcamp link

remixed link

album length: 57:06

with remixes: 106:32

fav track: drone 67


deus ex UNATCO theme remix (may 2022)

one-off single i did of the main theme that plays in UNATCO in the game deus ex. very drum and bass influenced. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

track length: 3:04




nothing less than perfect (may 2022)

synth-pop/post-punk album influenced by a lot of 80s bands, mostly the cure, depeche mode, and modern bands like night sins. side A is a happier, more synth-pop focused side, and side B goes a bit more into electronic, post-punk and shoegaze dreamscapes. first album with vocals on every track.

bandcamp link

album length: 39:51

fav track: lying to myself



living hell (roxanne beauchene remix) (may 2022)

remix of the first song on nothing less than perfect that my friend did. included in the bandcamp download with nothing less than perfect, but can be found standalone on streaming.

spotify link

track length: 3:49




help me out of this hole (june 2022)

ambient single with additional "blurred" remix. (NOT ON STREAMING)

bandcamp link

track length: 5:34




somewhere, out there (july 2022)

more emo and ambient influenced, with a progressive song at the end. no synths, tried going for more organic instruments alone. very depressing, probably the most of any release up to this point.

bandcamp link

album length: 21:55

fav track: sixteen years



fall into the walls (november 2022)

the sequel to nothing less than perfect, but darker and sadder. more post-punk than synth-pop, though there are a few songs here and there. longest album it ever took to make, and the most personal as well. side A is more focused on guitar-driven songs, and side B has a lot more synth-driven songs.

bandcamp link

album length: 40:43

fav track: in the dark



pentagram 2 (december 2022)

the sequel to my first doom album, this one started being written almost right after, but most of the songs were written just a couple months before release, since i actually got into thrash around then. (sorry for stealing your riff slayer)

bandcamp link

album length: 24:19

fav track: no rest for the living



winter never leaves (december 2022)

a 3 song ambient ep i released on new year's eve just to have one last release for the year. 2 original songs and a blurred remix of drifting away.

bandcamp link

album length: 13:58

fav track: freeze me over



music for no one, vol. 3 (february 2023)

the long-overdue threequel to vol 1 + 2, this album is a merging of both sounds from the previous album with more intricate production, vocals on several songs, and an overall theme of overwhelming gloom and depression, with pummeling industrial beats hammering the uselessness into your skull. featuring a prequel to "the lonely man..." from TWOICIDE, an actual drum track, (not midi!) a DSBM song, and a back half with euphoric yet suicidal vibes, this is one of my best releases and i'm really proud of it.

bandcamp link

album length: 49:21

fav track: a lonely man's note