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top 3 songs

1. a warm place (the downward spiral, 1994)

this song, man... what a soothing experience. something about that tremolo picked guitar and those synths, that intro with those vague words, it all just feels so welcoming. this is one of my favorite examples in their catalog of making an instrumental that to some may be extremely depressing, a reflection of many mistakes and agony, and to others pure happiness and unbridled love for something. 1:40 especially hits the mark on the head, the plucky synth almost crying before the beautiful calm comes in. a reassurance, almost. and then when those strings come in at 2:22... easily the most blissful thing i have ever heard. this is my favorite song of all time. and then it leads into eraser, but we won't talk about that...

2. leaving hope (still, 2002)

on some days this song is my favorite instead of a warm place, but most of the time a warm place takes the cake just from sentimental value. this track is one of the most, if not the most gorgeous things i have ever heard. everything about this feels perfectly designed to convey despair and anguish, but there's still a slight beauty behind it all, as with most of trent's works. the siren-esque synths fading in and out, the guitar drones, the piano, the pad of trent's voice... everything is so meticulously put together to be the perfect representation of dread i have ever heard.

3. last (broken, 1992)

my god, what a monstrous riff that is. such an incredible amount of rage is shown in this song, trent's yells, the programmed drums, the riff all feel like someone beat the shit out of them before recording. absolutely bludgeoning. and that riff at 0:42... god damn. one of the best riffs i've ever fucking heard.

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